When will there be an unbreakable phone

When will there be an unbreakable phone

Sure, most of you have had an accident that resulted in a broken phone screen, but is there really an unbreakable phone?


To answer this question you need to know that all the screens that exist at the moment are breakable even if it is a car screen as if you put an electric saw on this glass, surely it will break.


so all that the big companies do is strengthen the glass only not to make it never break, also modern phones currently most of them are strong screen but are also breakable as the phone continues to fall.

The reason why powerful car screens are not used on phones

The reason why the type of powerful screen used in cars is not possible to use on the phone because the phones touch and therefore the type of this glass will not be accepted in the manufacture of phone screens so you will notice that the phones that work with buttons that the screen is very strong, and now we are putting an extra plate on the screen to prevent a break in the screen itself.

Ways to keep phone screens

First you should not put the phone in a high place to prevent the fall of the phone as well do not put the phone in a place exposed to the sun to prevent further damage.


and put an extra glass plate on the phone to avoid fractures, so all companies are currently studying all technical ways to make the screens of phones strong and do not break easily.


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