how to protect Wi-Fi properly against stealing.

how to protect Wi-Fi properly against stealing.

 Stealing wireless networks

A lot of people are exposed daily to cyber attacks resulting in the penetration of Wi-Fi networks due to the proliferation of phones and smartphones in the whole world, and there are many and many methods through which wi-fi networks are hacked.


so in this article we will show you how you can protect your Wi-Fi network from the risk of hacking and stealing the network, but you should know very well that the risk of hacking Wi-Fi networks does not stop only It also results in other risks, such as hacking phones connected to the same network and other risks.

Which methods are used

There are a lot of ways to hack into Wi-Fi networks, for example:


1- Guess the password of the network.


2- Use applications and programs.


3- Social engineering.

Guess his password.

This is one of the most famous mistakes that many make where he makes a password that is basically written in the name of the network for example a network named (internet-mark1988) here will be able to guess the password where the password guess is "mark1988".


so you should use a strong password with symbols, letters and numbers for difficulty guessing and not similar to the name of the network.

Use applications and programs.

There are many programs and applications that are used to penetrate networks such as the application "wpa tester", as this application guesses a code named pin, which is a code located in any router device.


and then the password is revealed as well as connected devices, and the strange thing is that this application is legal and available on the Play Store and the reason for this is that this application is made with the aim of testing your networks only meaning to do a test for your network in order to You know whether your network is secure or at risk of theft, and this type of application is one of the most commonly used strategies for network theft.


Social engineering

Who doesn't know what social engineering is, is a cleverly used means to be deceived and know your information and secrets that you are saying yourself, can you imagine!! For example, imagine yourself as a security guard.
and then you get someone to ask you to enter the place you're guarding, arguing that he forgot your wallet or phone, and then you agree to get him into the place, and then you're surprised that the place has been stolen, and this is an example of social engineering because you could wrongly tell someone about your Wi-Fi password or hint at it like your birthday Or other something.

The potential to steal Wi-Fi networks.

How to properly prevent Wi-Fi stealing

The loss here is not only that the network has been hacked, but also the loss here is your privacy!! Yes, as I said, as network penetration leads to the detection of all existing devices connected to the same network.


but also it is possible to hack these devices and from here is spying and also it is possible to steal social media accounts and I explained in an earlier article about this.


Everyone is responsible for their privacy and the privacy of those in the home so you should constantly follow these things and know how to protect your privacy online and also we have already talked about an article explaining how you can protect your devices from the risk of hacking and spying.


And we hope that the article will like you and also useful to you

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