If you love gaming, I recommend the Red magic 7 pro

If you love gaming, I recommend the Red magic 7 pro

Red magic 7 pro.We know phones are constantly being developed and making them faster and more quality efficient And it also helps you play modern games in such an excellent way as pubg or call of duty that you need a phone so powerful you can play without lag.


But the problem is that you're buying a modern phone is powerful and having played modern games for a long time will weaken over time and the battery will be damaged and run out as quickly as Samsung's phone.


You'll then have to buy an iPhone because performance doesn't decrease over time but yet also the battery is weak!! So we're going to show you in this article the strongest phone in terms of performance, battery and some other features.

Red magic 7 pro

If you love gaming, I recommend the Red magic 7 pro

This mighty phone is one of the strongest in 2022 and is tailored to gaming if you're a gamer because it has very strong specifications in terms of speed, performance and battery life.

Device Features Red magic 7 pro

One of the most powerful features of this stunning phone is its professional design and raw materials are very strong And there's a fan and vents on the side of the phone to prevent the temperature from rising and expel the heat from the phone.


The screen is also a feature of the phone because its size is 6.8, it will give you the freedom to play games, although there are some people who see this as a disadvantage because it's not comfortable playing games.

Hardware Features

Type of device and for issuance

android 12، Redmagic 5.0


(FHD1B clors p3 amoled) This screen supports many features and brightness up to 700


One of the most important features of the red magic 7pro phone is that there's a number at the top of the screen that shows you the frame rate, and it could be up to 165 Hz High Refresh Rate Gaming Screen.


and that's one of the strongest features of this phone because you can now play games with very high quality and super efficiency, as you can.


Speed is the basis for making this phone because due to the frame and also the advanced technology in this device, it's impossible to get luggage or chop in the phone and you'll notice when using it that the phone is very fast while browsing or playing games.


This phone has a very excellent sound because it's loud and clearer, and there's a 3.5 port if you want to install headphones.


This device supports the fingerprint and the fingerprint is very fast. Once you touch the phone with your finger, it will open automatically.


The RAM has 12GB capacity and could reach 18GB. You can now run the strongest games at a very high speed.

Storage capacity

Storage capacity 128GB and could reach 256GB

Cooling system

Don't worry completely about the heating of the device because the cooling system is developed and works efficiently to keep the device temperature and there is a fan quickly 20000 a roll per minute and there are some other elements that help cool the device.

Software Features

Gameplay quality

While playing games, a sidebar will show you the CPU and other features you can control

Charging the phone

The phone is fully charged in just 25 minutes and during charging gives you the full value of the charge, for example 76.86

Disadvantages of the Magic 7 Pro response

One of the biggest drawbacks of this phone is that it's not waterproof because it has vents that allow water to enter the phone.


The second disadvantage is the frame because the more fast the battery runs out, and the camera is not a powerful feature because it only reaches 8 megapixels.

Summary of the article

The red magic 7pro is good if you want to play games with good HD and speed but it won't help if you want to use the camera


Now we've explained the device to you in terms of specifications and flaws, and I hope this article is helpful.

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