The right basics for creating a website

The right basics for creating a website

In this article we will explain to you how to build a website and also and we will explain to you the basics that you should know before making a website, first you should know that all websites have four essential things that are indispensable: domain, hosting and template site and the content itself.


so we will explain to you and explain to you each in detail what is the difference between front end and back end.

front end

The right basics for creating a website

What is the template

In short the template and the shape and appearance of the site and this is considered the most important thing in the site, and also a template belongs to the field front end, and front end in short is a field specialized in programming the appearance and shape of the site the template is programmed its form and appearance through html language and css.


html language is as mother and basis of any web site and is also used css language and this language is used in programming the color of the site and some other things and is also used language Javascript and this language is considered the interactive language with the site.


when you make any movement within the website such as that point on a button you will notice that the color of this button changes on my own when you point it, but you do not need to learn these languages in order to make a template because you can buy these templates such as seoplus template or buy a template dedicated to your site.

back end

The abbreviation back end is a specialized field in organizing site data and storing its information, and this area is divided into several branches, including:


In short, domain is the title of a website and when Google robots want to identify a site they recognize it through domain so without domain there is no website and there is no title for your site knowing that each domain has efficiency and level because for example if you buy domain com it is different from any other free domain blogger such as domain blogger that bears the name of blogspot.com.


so the difference between them is that the domain paid has the authority In linking your site any other platform to protect your site from fake traffic such as cloudflare, but if you use domain for free, you will not have the authority to modify it such as modifying namewserver and who does not know what nameserver is, we will do an article on our site soon.


In order for your website to work you will need a computer that stores your site information and data you will need to work this device all the time non-stop because if it stops your website will not work.


so you have to buy host to store information and data of your site and you can buy host from any hosting company such as google, namesheep or godaddy, and you can yourself make host but you will need to learn some programming languages such as python and programming language c and enrich them from Languages, and you can use free hosting from blogger this hosting is free and unlimited.

what is the right content

You first have to choose a useful content and there is no harm to anyone and if you are in a confusion what is the right world for you you may choose the content that you love and love to work in.


and you have a passion to work on this world because if you choose content that you do not like then you certainly will not continue to do so I advise you to choose the content that you love and to constantly develop your content and make sure that this content makes People love your site and visit it constantly.

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