Correct solutions to the problem of fast battery  drain

Correct solutions to the problem of fast battery drain

Many phone users are facing a problem or problems due to the battery and that's what today's article is all about.


When you buy a new phone and use it for a long time you will gradually notice over time that the phone's charging is running out quickly, making you uncomfortable and want to buy a new phone like the iPhone.


And then you're surprised that the phone still runs the charge quickly, and this problem happens especially with iPhones or Samsung phones, So in this article we're going to show you the reasons why shipping is falling fast and solving the problem.

Reasons for low phone charging

Correct solutions to the problem of fast battery drain

 All phones have a specific business system in terms of softweir and also hardware, so the more efficient the device and the specifications, the faster the charge will be, This is the natural reason behind Samsung phones and iPhone iPhones, for example. That's why today I'm going to introduce you to one of the factors that can cause your phone to die quickly.

Phone lighting tape

 Lighting the phone is one of the most powerful factors that kill the phone battery, since the more you increase the degree of lighting the phone.


the more the phone will charge the phone battery like the iPhone, which will reduce the efficiency of the battery, so I advise you to lower the lighting of the phone to the center to keep your phone battery.

Battery life

If you've been using the phone for a long time, for example, two years, the battery life is over, so the phone's charging is going to run out quickly, so you have to change the battery right away because it's likely to damage the phone's board and you'll need to maintain it.

Apps and Games

Also, applications and games are one of the factors that make the phone run fast, especially games, so scan any app that works in the background.


You don't use it. You also don't play games or run long-run apps on the device because whenever you use the device for a long time, it will reduce its efficiency and battery life and will weaken it, so over time delete it.

Cooling place

Beware of putting your phone directly in front of the sun, because after an hour of putting your phone in front of the sun, your phone's battery will be destroyed and it will also cause damage to the phone itself other than the battery.

 Use of battery enhancement applications

Beware of using any application that helps your phone boost the battery, because this isn't real, it doesn't help boost the battery, it can hurt the battery any more, and you'll notice it yourself.

Beware of using codes

Beware and then beware using any code for example * # 0228 # to fix the battery because it will kill your phone

The phone board

It is also possible that the defect is not from the battery but from the phone itself!! Because whenever the device is old, the phone's battery will run quickly, so in this case you'll have to keep it on the phone or buy a new phone.

Telephone charging system

Also one of the biggest reasons why the phone runs quickly is because you charge it all to 100%, which is the biggest mistake because you make a fake  charge for the phone as a result of the overflow on the battery, so I advise you that the maximum limit is 80%,


and also beware of leaving your phone in the charger and going to sleep because that's the biggest mistake that hurts a phone.

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